Our Business

International business is a pivotal aspect of Flamingo’s operations, marking a significant journey that commenced with exporting formulations to East African nations from its inception to Flamingo’s presence in Africa, South East Asia, and Central America, exporting an extensive range of over 500 formulations in various dosage forms.
In 2005, Flamingo achieved a significant milestone with the UK-MHRA/EU-GMP approval for its new Solid dosage manufacturing facility located in Taloja. This accreditation facilitated Flamingo’s entry into the regulated markets of Europe, primarily offering Contract Manufacturing Services. Since then, the company’s contract manufacturing endeavors have extended across Europe and are now penetrating deeper into regulated markets such as the US and additional parts of Europe.
Leveraging its expertise in manufacturing high-quality finished dosage forms from world-class facilities, Flamingo has effectively broadened its global footprint, establishing a presence in more than 50 countries worldwide. This success is a testament to Flamingo’s commitment to quality, its ability to adapt to regulatory standards, and its proactive approach to meeting the diverse needs of customers across diverse geographies.

Welcome to Our Business Development Division

At Flamingo, our Business Development team serves as the driving force behind our expansion, partnerships, and growth strategies within the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape. We are dedicated to forging impactful collaborations, identifying new opportunities, and fostering strategic alliances that propel us toward our mission of enhancing global healthcare.

Strategic Partnerships

Our Business Development professionals specialize in cultivating strategic partnerships that fuel innovation and drive success. We actively seek collaborations with like-minded entities, including biotech firms, research institutions, and healthcare organizations, to catalyse groundbreaking advancements in pharmaceuticals.

Market Expansion

With a finger on the pulse of evolving market trends, our team navigates the pharmaceutical landscape adeptly. We identify emerging markets and explore untapped opportunities, steering the company toward new territories and ensuring our products reach patients globally.

Licensing and Acquisitions

Our expertise in licensing agreements and acquisitions is instrumental in securing novel compounds, technologies, and intellectual property rights. We actively pursue opportunities that complement our portfolio, bolster our pipeline, and strengthen our position in the industry.

Innovative Solutions

At Flamingo, innovation drives our strategies. Our Business Development division constantly seeks innovative solutions, exploring novel therapeutic areas, drug delivery systems, and technological advancements that have the potential to revolutionize healthcare.

Client-Centric Approach

Understanding the diverse needs of our clients is at the core of our approach. We work closely with our partners, listening attentively to their requirements, and offering tailored solutions that align with their goals, ensuring mutual success.

Global Reach

With a global mindset, we expand our reach beyond borders. Our Business Development efforts transcend geographical boundaries, establishing and nurturing relationships worldwide to foster a network that maximizes our impact on patient care globally.